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president of the csrme academician manchao he was invited to hongkong for academic communication-ag亚娱集团官方网站

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on february 24-26, 2023, academician manchao he, president of the csrme, carried out academic exchanges in hong kong.


academician manchao he and his delegation first visited the soil mechanics laboratory and geotechnical centrifuge laboratory of hong kong university of science and technology. later, he visited the civil engineering and development department of the hong kong government and conducted lively and in-depth discussions with the relevant leaders of the geotechnical engineering office and front-line engineers on the accurate prediction of landslides. academician he gave suggestions and comments on the problems existing in the early warning of landslides and other geological disasters in hong kong. finally, he visited the headquarters of the hong kong institution of engineers, and gave an academic seminar entitled "accurate early prediction of landslide". the seminar was hosted by dr. zhuo ziran, president of the geotechnical division of the hong kong institution of engineers. more than 200 audiences from the academic and engineering community in hong kong attended the seminar. he's in-depth explanation won continuous applause, and the seminar was rich in content and wonderful. during the q&a session, academician he communicated cordially with the participants, and his insightful answers drew bursts of applause from time to time.

as regards the exchange and cooperation with the hong kong academic community, csrme will consider it as an important task and development plan of the csrme's foreign exchange work in the future and will continuously strengthen cooperation. in the future, it is expected to further deepen  practical cooperation and exchanges with hong kong's geotechnical engineering community in academics, science popularization, talents and think tanks, and so on, and integrating them into the construction of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area and the overall development of the country.