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sponsored by "journal of rock mechanics and engineering", chinese society of rock mechanics and engineering, institute of rock and soil mechanics, chinese academy of sciences, state key laboratory of rock and soil mechanics and engineering, and organized by the editorial department of "journal of rock mechanics and engineering", the 2022 "zongji chen lecture" - "high-level forum on rock mechanics in deep energy development and reserve" was held on march 24-26, 2023 in  "wuhan".


over 300 representatives from more than 40 well-known domestic and foreign universities and research institutes including the institute of rock and soil mechanics, chinese academy of sciences, wuhan university, china university of geosciences, changjiang river scientific research institute, and tsinghua university participated in the forum. "offline online" was adopted for the conference, offline as the main mode, and simultaneous live broadcast (video and pictures) on three media platforms: wechat, cctv mobile network, and sina news.

the opening ceremony was presided over by professor-level senior engineer aiqing wu, the vice president of the csrme. researcher qiang xue, director of the institute of rock and soil mechanics, chinese academy of sciences, gave a welcome speech. mr. manchao he, the president of the csrme, delivered a speech. at the opening ceremony, academician manchao he, academician yangsheng zhao, academician chunhe yang, qiang xue presented awards to the winners of the "short-term imminent prediction of rock failure prediction competition", the "zongji chen award" and nomination award for the 2022 outstanding papers of the "journal of rock mechanics and engineering", and the 2022 outstanding reviewers.

academician yang chunhe, from the institute of rock and soil mechanics, chinese academy of sciences, was invited as the keynote speaker of the thirteenth lecture of "zongji chen lecture", and made a wonderful report entitled "opportunities and challenges of deep energy storage". aiming at the key theoretical and technical problems of using layered salt rock formations for large-scale energy storage, the innovation team of the institute of rock and soil mechanics, chinese academy of sciences, where academician yang chunhe works, has continued to tackle key problems for more than 20 years. finally, significant breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of experimental devices, the study of the mechanical properties of layered salt rock, the construction technology of energy storage, the key technology of gas injection and brine removal, and the optimization method of operating pressure. these achievements have been popularized and applied in many domestic salt cavern energy storages that have been built or are under construction. deep energy storage involves complex situations such as multi-field, multi-phase coupling, and multi-scale. it is urgent to carry out multi-scale migration of energy storage media, performance evolution of energy storage geological bodies, intelligent construction of deep energy storage, and intelligent operation of deep energy storage. the research will solve the key scientific issues restricting the bottleneck of deep energy storage technology. at the same time, deep energy storage is a breakthrough in the deep integration of geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and energy storage, and is expected to form a new professional discipline.

focusing on "rock mechanics issues in deep energy development and reserve", this conference also invited researcher xiao li from the institute of geology and geophysics of the chinese academy of sciences, and researcher zhongwei huang from china university of petroleum (beijing) to make presentations entitled "reservoir fracturing test and simulation in shale oil and gas development" and "rock mechanics in deep geothermal development" respectively. it was particularly fortunate that the conference also invited academician yangsheng zhao from taiyuan university of technology to give a report entitled "several rock mass mechanics issues in resource and energy development under the double carbon target". 

this conference has attracted the active participation of experts and scholars in the field of geotechnical engineering, and the widespread attention of the general public. so far, the total number of clicks on the three media live broadcast platforms of wechat, cctv mobile network, and sina news has reached 900,000.