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academician manchao he, president of the csrme, gave a lecture on "xiaohongshan forum"-ag亚娱集团官方网站

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on march 25, 2023, the 88th "xiaohongshan forum" of the university of chinese academy of sciences was held in the academic hall of the r&d building of the wuhan institute of rock and soil mechanics, chinese academy of sciences. professor manchao he, the academician of the chinese academy of sciences, president of the csrme, and professor of china university of mining and technology (beijing), gave a keynote report on "the mission of geotechnical engineering - from material revolution to industrial revolution". the report was hosted by academician chunhe yang, director of the academic committee of wuhan institute of rock and soil mechanics, chinese academy of sciences, and more than 100 teachers and students attended . 


academician manchao he first introduced the challenges faced by transportation engineering, water conservancy engineering, earthquake engineering, and national defense engineering from the background of engineering geology and national strategic needs in china. under complex geological conditions, engineering catastrophes such as large deformation of soft rock and rockburst in deep tunnels have brought a huge impact on tunnel construction and operation. the essence of the disaster is the nonlinear large deformation phenomenon of rock and soil mass caused by the surrounding rock of the tunnel under the deep environment of "three highs and one disturbance". that is, a small deformed material that is broken caused by necking when it is stretched, its function fails due to the inability to adapt to the large deformation characteristics, resulting in frequent engineering disasters. we now have the anchor rods (poisson's ratio, referred to as pr materials) processed from steel materials with poisson's ratio effect. 

academician he told about the main theme of geotechnical engineering- tensile strength and the causes of damage of metal materials - raised a scientific question: how to manufacture ideal plastic materials, then pointed out that negative poisson's ratio effect materials (negative poisson's ratio) are a possible solution, and introduced his team has conducted systematic research for 18 years since 2004 with the support of major projects of the national natural science foundation of china and the national key research and development projects. his team completed the research and development of npr bolt/cable new materials, which have extraordinary properties such as high constant resistance, large deformation, anti-impact and anti-explosion, super energy absorption, and so on. the yield point elongation disappears during stretching, and there is no obvious necking after the break. 

a series of technologies have been formed with the support of npr materials, such as automatically formed roadway by mine pressure, monitoring of the newtonian force for landslide disasters, disaster prevention and control for deep engineering, and so on, we have achieved revolutionary progress in energy engineering, transportation engineering, water conservancy engineering, disaster engineering, and national defense engineering and so on. 

academician he's report was innovative, brilliant, high-level, and rich in content, which aroused the strong interest of the teachers and students present and won rounds of applause. in the exchange session, teachers and students asked questions based on the specific applications in the current scientific research practice. academician he gave detailed answers one by one and sent a message to the teachers and students present. scientific research requires bold innovation, perseverance, and hard work to lay a solid professional foundation to achieve breakthroughs. it is necessary to find opportunities for innovation in practice, explore the value of innovation practice, closely link scientific research and application, and contribute to the construction of major national projects. 

manchao he, an expert in rock mechanics in mining engineering, academician of the chinese academy of sciences, academician of t the academy of mining sciences, academician of the national academy of engineering of argentina, professor of china university of mining and technology (beijing), concurrently serves as the president of the csrme, and the vice president of the international consortium on geo-disaster reduction (icgdr) and so on. he is the winner of the national outstanding scientific and technological talent award (2016), the national innovation competition award (2017), and the ho leung ho lee foundation science and technology progress award (2014). he is mainly engaged in theoretical and technical research on the control of large deformation of mine rock. he proposed the theoretical system of"slow deformation" and "sudden deformation" for large deformation disasters, and developed several experimental systems for large deformation disaster mechanisms, several sets of large deformation disaster mechanism experiment systems have been developed, and a deep rock mechanics laboratory has been established. the concept of constant resistance and large deformation anchor rod (cable) with npr (negative poisson's ratio) effect was proposed, and the series products of constant resistance and large deformation anchor rod (cable) with negative poisson's ratio effect were finalized through experiments, which were successfully applied to the project, and has achieved huge economic and social benefits. he has won 1-second prize of national technological invention award, 3 second prizes of national science and technology progress award, 1 china patent gold award, and 1 isrm technology invention award.