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on may 13-14, the "innovation china" high-level forum on the prevention and control of collapse risk rock mass on high-steep slopes in the complex and dangerous mountains was successfully held in mount emei, sichuan. this forum is sponsored by the csrme and "innovation china" rock mechanics and major projects--state key laboratory science and technology innovation consortium and other units. academician of the chinese academy of sciences, song zhenqi of shandong university of science and technology, and chinese society of rock mechanics and engineering vice president li xiao and other experts attended this forum. a total of 143 experts from 43 units including chengdu-kunming railway co., ltd. participated in the forum.

in the forum, xian guo, secretary of the party committee and general manager of chengdu-kunming railway co., ltd., made a keynote report entitled "prevention and control of collapse risk rock mass on high-steep slopes on chengdu-kunming railway". the report introduced the topography characteristics, geological structure, etc. of the old and new chengdu-kunming railway, and the characteristics of complex geology, frequent disasters, and difficult governance along the chengdu-kunming railway combining with the historical disasters of collapse risk rock mass on high-steep slopes academician song zhenqi gave a keynote entitled "energy security, key points of scientific and technological innovation and development in the transportation field" at the forum. his experience in geotechnical engineering construction such as resources, energy development projects, and transportation construction projects is inspiring.

the forum also invited 9 experts to make special reports, namely: tao zhigang's "material innovation and slope stability control", yao yong's "cause analysis and prevention and control of chengkun frequent geological hazards", zhang yufang's "disasters and prevention measures of collapse risk rock mass on high-steep slopes", chu yuguang's "typical cases and thoughts on the prevention and control of high position risk rocks on railways in southwest mountain", chen jianping "identification and risk assessment of hazardous rockfall source on risk rock mass on high-steep slopes, liu caihua's "mechanism and stability analysis method of toppling failure in rock slopes", du shihui's "survey and line selection technology in high collapse risk rock areas of deep canyons", zhang zhiping's "key technology for in-situ remediation and construction of giant collapse risk rock mass on high-steep slopes of mountain railway", lu hanchuan's "suitability evaluation of flexible protective net engineering".

before the meeting, the participating representatives were carefully organized to study the chengdu-kunming line k270, chengdu-kunming line k279, chengdu-kunming line k295 debris flow, and new chengdu-kunming turk middle bridge high energy level blocking net by taking a rail car with a total of 4 sites and10 hours. the organizer gave a detailed introduction to the situation, cause analysis, and treatment measures at the collapse of the site for the participating representatives. these representatives at the meeting expressed that this on-site inspection arrangement was rich in content and rewarding in learning.